Collaboratively administrate empowered markets.

Distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service to a variety of customers, tailoring solutions to each customer's needs.


Comtec Information Technologies

COMTEC LLC is a small privately owned company that provides a variety of IT services to both government and commercial sectors. Our ever expanding clientele base includes small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations.

  • We’re here to help you achieve your goals. 

Our goal is to become your trusted technology partner, provide the right solutions for your business and keep you on the critical path for your organization’s technology decisions.

Based in Virginia, COMTEC LLC has a highly qualified, innovative staff that can provide an on-site presence or work remotely to meet the needs of its customers. In operation since 2013, the company has made a name for itself developing high level efficiency tools for companies wishing to streamline their processes.

  • We promise to be Smart, Efficient, Effective.

We provide strategic analysis with an emphasis on “Efficiency Tools” development from conceptualization through implementation. We provide a variety of IT services to our clients including, system and network administration, innovative application development, database administration and Information Technology consultation.


We address your needs with the utmost integrity and deliver on our promise to move your business forward.


We act as your trusted advisor to help you understand trends in technology and provide you with the right tools to put your business on the next level.


With the brightest minds and world-class products, we build systems to support strategic business growth.

Empower Your Business.
Whether you’re looking to outsource your IT support or supplement your existing support staff capabilities, we work as a dedicated partner to provide consistent uptime while providing speed and simplicity to your business.

Our Clients